I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. My medical doctor's final recommendation for my condition was SURGERY. My husband didn't like the thought of surgery and my daughter from Milwaukee recommended I see Dr. Peterson. For my first visit my husband, daughter, and son brought me in my wheelchair. My condition was such that I was totally wheelchair bound. I was unable to dress myself, comb my hair, tie my shoes or do ordinary everyday things normal people take for granted. I was in such severe pain that I didn't hear anything Dr. Peterson said to me regarding my problems. I am so excited to say that I am now rid of my wheelchair and walking without a walker or a cane. I am doing exercises designed by Dr. Peterson both at home and at the clinic, and am walking 26 laps in his office. Now I am able to grocery shop. I thank Dr. Peterson for giving me back my life.

-P.S. Oshkosh, WI


I became a believer of chiropractic health after my first visit in January of 2003, at 25 years of age. After being plagued by an almost lifetime of back discomfort I visited Dr. Douglas Peterson, when I could no longer take the back and neck pain inflicted unassumingly on me by my three month old daughter. My daughter was large, almost 18lbs at four months old, and desperately needed to be carried very much of her first year and a half of life. The bending and lifting accompanied by her weight became too much to bear.

I was surprised at, and delighted by, how the corrective adjustments of my spine not only relieved my pain and discomfort, but also improved my overall health.  Health issues are now easily overcome with a simple adjustment of my spine.  How wonderful it has been! With my immune system revved up to 100%, colds, flus, and sicknesses pass within a matter of hours instead of days. My susceptibility to disease has decreased dramatically.

The biggest difference I noticed came about immediately. For many years, I would fight sinus infections every two months, sometimes more frequently. Since I started going for chiropractic treatments, I have had about a total of two; both of which were nothing compared to the monsters I used to have to battle. I can breath easily and happily. When I feel my body is run down, I make an appointment to get adjusted. Sore throats are gone before I leave the building, headaches dissolve, leg pain disappears. The discomforts and maladies that I was once accustomed to are no longer part of my everyday existence. My overall health is greatly improved through the chiropractic, and my body thanks me for it everyday.

I now take my two children to see Dr. Peterson on a regular basis. They are so busy; my little children! They grow, they fall, they practice new skills, they stumble, trip, climb and grow some more. In their amazing little lives their overall health is of great importance to them and to me. As they learn to walk and run, to climb stairs and to get down from their beds, falls and crashes are a regular occurrence. Their little backs take the brunt of these falls and I know that getting them straightened out is significant to growing up healthy.

Sometimes when the children are sleeping badly at night, I take them to the chiropractor. Lo and behold, he or she has a subluxation, and right in a certain spot. The night following the adjustment they sleep great. Young children are not very good at communicating what is wrong. So instead of masking symptoms with synthetic drugs to provide temporary relief, it is a comfort to be able to help their little bodies heal themselves from the inside.

Dr Peterson's compassion, along with his vault of knowledge, leaves me relaxed and untroubled. He looks at all facets of my life, viewing emotional and mental well-being as directly affective to physical health. I truly appreciate and respect the wisdom that he carries in his practice.

I have changed mentally and physically by knowing hands. My overall health has improved dramatically. I am glad that I have found chiropractic and that it has become a regular part of my life

-E.D. Oshkosh, WI


When I was in my late teens and early twenties I suffered almost continuously from headaches. I thought I was destine to have these all my life. I then had a terrible fall down some steps and the headaches intensified along with severe back pain. Because of the pain, I knew I had to do something. I am not one to go to the doctor and take pills. I decided to give chiropractic care a try (my parents swear by it). Since starting chiropractic care some twenty years ago my headaches are few and far between. In addition, when I or one of my family members have an ailment, we go see Dr. Peterson first. He treats the problem or suggests when we should see our medical doctor.

I feel Dr. Peterson is one of the best in chiropractic care. I feel privileged to be one of his patients.

S.V. Appleton, WI


Prior to the time that I began Chiropractic treatments I regularly suffered lower and middle back pain that frequently was serious enough to keep me off my feet for several days at a time.  The problem stemmed from two injuries I sustained when I was young. The first injury occurred in high school and involved a torn para-spinal muscle. The second injury occurred in a car accident and involved my lower back.  Both of these injuries, the first when I was 16 yrs old and the second when I was 20 yrs old, were not treated medically or with chiropractic care. I suffered repeated re-injury that kept me from being able to do normal activities. As these injuries became more aggravated and inflamed, I would suffer back spasms that required heavy doses of prescription pain killers.

About ten years ago I saw a chiropractor whose treatments resulted in significant improvement, however, 30 yrs of misalignment would require continual treatments. A few years after this I began treatment with Dr. Peterson, who has virtually eliminated my frequent back problems.  I feel better now than I have in years! Now whenever i notice any problem I know he can help.  Regular chiropractic care keeps me free of problems and improves my overall health.
P.G. Appleton WI


I am experiencing for the first time in many, many, years the benefit of falling asleep shortly after going to bed. Prior to Dr. Peterson's care I can't recall the last time I was able to fall asleep without struggling for hours. The results have been wonderful! I am feeling less tense, less hyperactive and an overall calmness with an improvement in my complexion and a rested body! This is a very new experience for me, and certainly a surprise to say the least.

I feel that my ongoing commitment to chiropractic wellness care with Dr. Peterson greatly impacted my success story as well as the continued partnership between doctor and patient.  I feel that my improved health can be attributed to the outstanding care I receive at Peteron Chiropractic Clinic.
A.R. Oshkosh WI


I just can't believe this is happening to me. My back was bad. My daughter told me about Dr/ Peterson's clinic. At first I had my doubts but then as time went on I began to have parts of the day where I didn't have back pain. After 3 months I began walking with out my cane for short periods.  I am confident I will soon be walking without it at all.

If ever I need an adjustment you can bet i go back. I feel much better thanx to Dr. peterson.  I guess we always live and learn no matter how old we are.  I'm 82 and holding.
M.S. Oshkosh WI




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